Lift Up Your Heads, O Gates


Autoři: Julie Rendel, John De Jong en


1. Lift up your heads, O gates Be lifted up, you everlasting doors Open your heart to him Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord 2. Put on your royal robes A garment of praise instead of heaviness Daughters and sons of light Welcome the King who reigns in righteousness R: Who is this King with fire in His eyes? Who is this King whose glory fills the skies? He is the Lord who leads the hosts of heav'n Lift up your heads, o gates Open the ancient doors And let the King of glory in 3. We lift our hands to you Swords of the Spirit piercing throught the night We sing of victory Warrior angels join us in the fight 4. Who is this stained with blood A royal warrrior clothed in robes of white? He holds the keys to hell Darkness defeated by this King of light R: